Cristiano Ronaldo has been dubbed a “machine” by Diogo Dalot

Cristiano Ronaldo has been dubbed a “machine” by Diogo Dalot for his achievements both on and off the field.

In an otherwise bleak 2021-22 season, the Portuguese was a rare bright spot for Manchester United. In 38 games across tournaments, the 37-year-old scored 24 goals.

Dalot told the club’s website that Ronaldo’s arrival is a significant positive for the Red Devils.

“I believe the statistics speak for themselves.” He’s a machine, as I like to refer to him. Inside and outside the pitch, the way he works, the way he pushes himself every day to play like this, to give us these goals and performances,” Dalot added.

He went on: “I think it’s a bonus for this club and the fans, and hopefully we’ll be able to work with him for many, many years.” I know he won’t be here forever, but I’m confident he’ll play football for a few more years.”

Dalot went on to say that Ronaldo might play at the elite level for many more years.

“Yeah. Easily. I’m sure he’ll try everything he can to play till he’s exhausted his strength, but it’ll be up to him. “All we have to do is appreciate him while he’s here.”

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