Cristiano Ronaldo Is One Of The Greatest Penalty Takers Of All Time

Cristiano Ronaldo, the most prolific penalty taker in football history, is an undeniable presence on this list. In his career, the Portuguese superstar has scored an incredible 143 penalties.

Ronaldo’s top mentality and ability to perform under pressure have long been recognised, and he has always been a man for the big event.

CR7’s poise from 12 yards out has been legendary, from stoppage-time victories and important FIFA World Cup strikes to the deciding spot-kick in the 2016 Champions League final. He also holds the all-time record for most penalties scored in La Liga history, with 60 successful attempts for Real Madrid.

He’s scored 143 penalties with a remarkable 83.6 percent success rate.

Cristiano Ronaldo amazing penalty record at Euro 2020.
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