Cristiano Ronaldo was key in convincing Rafael and Fabio to join Man United

Rafael da Silva, a former Manchester United defender, has stated that Cristiano Ronaldo convinced him and his twin, Fabio, to join the club.

The pair joined United from Fluminense in 2008 and spent several years at Old Trafford before departing in 2015.

And the Brazilian has disclosed that Ronaldo was instrumental in persuading the duo to join United.

Rafael told the UTD Podcast, “He phoned my phone, and I’ll never forget it.”

“I was asking myself, ‘Who is this?’ because my phone showed all the zeros [on the screen, indicating an international call].” This is the first time I’ve ever received a call like this.’

“I replied, and I recognised him since I’d previously exercised with him.

“Ah, [Portuguese greeting]!” he said. ‘It’s Ronaldo, it’s Ronaldo!’ I shouted as I dashed to my bus. He has summoned us to speak!’

“It’s pouring here, it’s raining here in Manchester, as you know,” he remarked. ‘I’m calling to tell you guys: sign for Manchester United,’ he added. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it,’ and so on.

“I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It was incredible.”

Ronaldo attempted to sign Rafael and Fabio at a time when his future at Manchester was uncertain due to his dissatisfaction with the British weather.

He told Sky Sports News at the time, “I prefer playing for Manchester – more than the weather.”

“The weather is quite challenging for me since I have to deal with snow and rain all of the time.” It’s challenging for me because it’s difficult in comparison to Portugal, where you can see the sun every day.

“However, the club is enormous, and I’m delighted to be remaining here.”

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