Cristiano Ronaldo’s diet and fitness regime revealed

Cristiano Ronaldo’s diet includes avocado on a toast or fruit, cheese, low-fat yogurt, ham

Ronaldo is idolised around the world for a variety of reasons, from the football field to his never-ending fan base.

One can’t help but admire him, whether it’s for his flawless field talents or his unrivalled physical level.

In a recent interview, the 36-year-old debunked speculations of his departure from Juventus and explained how his poster boy of good health is due to a disciplined lifestyle.

And in the last 15 years, Cristiano Ronaldo’s diet and fitness routine has only become better.

Although samples from Ronaldo’s gym sessions abound on social media, there’s a lot more to the legend’s routine.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Diet

Cristiano Ronaldo's Diet

To keep in shape, you need proteins, healthy fats, carbs, low sugar, and plenty of vitamins.

Ronaldo benefits from a high-protein diet that is divided into six little meals throughout the day.

Aside from proteins, the Portuguese native eats fruits, veggies, and wholegrain carbs, with the occasional pizza thrown in for good measure.

He eats every 3 to 4 hours and begins each day with one of the following:

Avocado on a toast or fruit
Low-fat yogurt

Ronaldo’s favorite dishes

Ronaldo orders steak and salads at restaurants when he goes out to eat.

He also enjoys traditional Portuguese cuisine, and his favourite dish is Bacalhau a Bras (scrambled eggs with fried potato and salt cod).

However, the football legend enjoys a cheat meal now and then to keep himself from becoming bored with the usual routine. He enjoys the occasional pizza with his son to break up the routine.

Ronaldo has been a teetotaler since 2005 and has remained so since his father died at the age of 52 after a long battle with alcoholism.

He prefers coffee, juice, and fruit smoothies instead.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s gruelling workouts

Pilates, running, rowing, and cardio activities are all part of Ronaldo’s fitness regimen.

He likes to change things up in the gym to get the most out of his workouts by doing high-intensity drills.

His £50,000 cryotherapy chamber – a device that soothes discomfort and reduces swelling after a game – is a secret weapon he uses.

Ronaldo, a fitspiration for millennials, believes that working out should be done regardless of time constraints.

He also suggests doing core workouts in the bedroom after waking up or before sleeping. It will gradually become a part of the daily routine.

Early to bed, early to rise is a great way to start the day

Hours of exercise and months of following a strict diet are useless if you don’t get enough sleep.

As a result, Ronaldo goes to bed early every day after putting away all screens and technological devices.

After working with sleep consultant Nick Littlehales, who also recommends taking five brief naps per day and sleeping in the foetal position, the footballer has made it a habit to stick to this routine even on days when he doesn’t have a game to ensure that muscles get enough rest and are energised for an intense game.

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