For Gary Neville, Cristiano Ronaldo Is The Best Player In History

Gary Neville still believes Cristiano Ronaldo to be the best player in the history of football.

Gary Neville and Cristiano Ronaldo At Manchester United

Ronaldo and Neville played together for six years at Manchester United from 2003, when Cristiano first joined the club from Sporting for a fee of £12.24 million. His transfer fee at that time made him the most expensive teenager in English football history. They won three Premier League titles and also won the Uefa Champions League.

Ronaldo was not happy with Neville’s criticism of him

Cristiano Ronaldo was not happy with the criticism from Gary Neville during his second stint with the club, as he expressed himself during the Piers Morgan interview by saying:

“He [Gary Neville] is not my friend. He’s using my name to gain fame on TV.”

Gary Neville still loves Ronaldo and believes him to be the best played in the history

“I love Cristiano, he may not love me because of what I said, but I think in 5 to 10 years he will understand that my comments came from a good place.

He is still the best player in history for me and the player I love.

When I’m asked about who is the greatest of all time, I will say ‘Cristiano’. I know a lot of people will say Messi but I love Cristiano.”

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