“It’s the diversity of goals he scores,” says James Ducker heaps praise on Ronaldo

Ronaldo enjoyed a spectacular season for Manchester United at the age of 37, despite the fact that the squad as a whole was continuously bad. In 38 appearances across all competitions, the Portuguese finished the season with 24 goals and three assists.

He finished second in the Golden Boot competition, after Mohammed Salah and Son Hueng-min.

According to James Ducker, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner had an outstanding season.

“[Ronaldo] scored one-third of Manchester United’s 71 goals, despite the fact that he turned 37 during the season. That is a very remarkable undertaking. Coming back to the Premier League at this age after so long away in Spain and then Italy, the pace and intensity of it is quite different to what he’ll have been playing with on a week-to-week basis in La Liga and Serie A, so that is absolutely extraordinary.”

James Ducker commended Cristiano Ronaldo’s versatility and considered his accomplishments extraordinary.

“It’s still the range of goals he scores.” I believe he is still dangerous from six yards out, and he can score from wherever in the area. Aerially, he’s on par with everyone. He ended with what, 24 goals? I mean, it’s a pretty good return. I can’t think of many 37-year-olds who could fathom those kinds of numbers.”
Ducker also feels that Manchester United should lessen Ronaldo’s goal-scoring responsibility.

“I mean, I think it shows the serious need to relieve him of the goal-scoring responsibility.” “I think the club discovered too frequently this season that if Ronaldo didn’t score, fans were wondering, ‘Where are the goals going to come from?'”

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