Jadon Sancho explains why Cristiano Ronaldo is his inspiration

As a professional footballer, Jadon Sancho has revealed Cristiano Ronaldo as one of his main influences.
Despite the fact that his playing style is significantly different from Ronaldo’s, it is his career that motivates him the most.

As we all know, the Portuguese great has become one of football’s most recognisable figures.

Cristiano Ronaldo, a former Manchester United player, clearly motivates a large number of future Red Devils players.

Sancho hopes to wear no. 7 in the future

Jadon Sancho is no exception, and he aims to wear the club’s number ‘7’ jersey in the future.

Edinson Cavani will keep his number for the time being, but the Uruguayan international does not intend to stay at the club much longer as a seasoned veteran.

Sancho will be eager to take his number and honour it in Cristiano Ronaldo’s name as soon as he departs the club.

Ronaldo wore the no. 7 during his time at Manchest United

Jadon Sancho hopes to wear no. 7 in the future just like his idol Cristiano Ronaldo.

This is the club’s most recognisable shirt, having been worn by some of the biggest names in English football in the past.

Ronaldo is just one of many illustrious people who have contributed to the number’s illustrious history.

Jadon Sancho explained the reason behind his tremendous love for Cristiano Ronaldo in a recent interview with Metro. Jadon, like countless United youngsters before him, considers Cristiano Ronaldo’s entire career successes.

Jadon Sancho on his inspiration

He is aware, however, that their playing styles are vastly different: “Who am I basing my game on?”

“I believe that everyone is unique; I have different qualities than other players, even Cristiano Ronaldo. What he’s accomplished throughout his career is incredible. It’s always exciting to witness these legendary players come through legendary clubs like Sporting Lisbon and Manchester United. It’s encouraging to see. I’m desperate to win. Dedicated to winning trophies. Assists and goals “Here and there, a few skills.”

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