Video: 10 Legendary Moments By Cristiano Ronaldo

10 Legendary Moments By Cristiano Ronaldo.

“Cr7 greatest of all eternity! Conquered England, conquered Spain, now conquering Italy…! Don’t make mistakes of comparing him with anyone!”

“2 minutes of silence for those generations that will never/too lately see him play🙏😂”

“I feel so bad for Atletico , everytime in their title win Ronaldo is standing and crushing them 😂😂”

“This is the man who gives 100% to his clubs as well as his nation… True SuperStar & True Champion CR7 🐐⚽️🏆”

“There’s nothing more I want in this world than seeing the faces of those Atletico fans after Ronaldo’s hattrick”

“Just think, he became Real’s all-time top scorer 2 years before he even left. 450 goals in 438 games while Raul scored 323 in 741 games. No disrespect to Raul, he is a legend and still scored many goals that’s for sure. But Ronaldo scored more in 303 less games!!!! 👀 The crazy part is he is now ahead of Raul by the number of ASSISTS, not goals, but ASSISTS he recorded throughout his career by the 2014-15 season. Karim Benzema is obviously the closest active player to Ronaldo right now but even then he’s behind a whopping 205 goals and already played 509 games for Madrid. Not to mention Ronaldo did what he did in 9 years, even with over 40 games missed due to injury, suspension or out of the starting 11. He averaged literally 50 goals per season in all competitions. We can only imagine the stats, records & trophies he’d have if he played at Madrid his entire career. His goal ratio was 1.03 per game, stretch that out over the 850 games he’s played for his CLUBs throughout his career & you get a ridiculous 876 career goals. I’d go ahead & assume he would easily have over 800 goals & 200 assists by now.”

“Goat. There will never be another player that dominates so many different leagues and European competition.”

“The second goal against Juve in the UCL final sums up the brilliance of CR7.”

“That comeback against Atleti was iconic. His legacy was on the line and he showed the coach and the fans he’s still their worst nightmare.”

“That free kick against Spain made me burst into tears of joy.”

“Diego simeone on the difference between Ronaldo and Messi:

Messi can win you a war with midfielders behind him, whereas Ronaldo can go to war alone and win..

The day atletico beat juventus 2-0 in the first leg Simeone celebrated by grabbing his crotch and saying fuck you to Ronaldo, 2 weeks later in the return leg Ronaldo knocked Atletico out by scoring a hatrick and celebrated by grabbing his crotch and saying fuck you to Simeone… Clearly Simeone forgot his own words and didn’t listen to himself when talking about Ronaldo 😂



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