Video: 6 Times Cristiano Ronaldo Was Angry After Substitution

6 Times Cristiano Ronaldo Was Angry After Substitution.

“BECAUSE he heartedly prepared for every match…his sacrifices, his hard work, his self discipline…for the victory of his team.”

“Such a passion and determination from this little age has made him What he is today”

“Ronaldo’s passion for the game is unreal. ❤”

“I will always like cr7 because his passion for football still remain the same”

“The most time i was angry at substitution cristiano ronaldo when Ancelotti took him out against Getafe in the 57th minute and he is two goals away to reach 50 goals in La Liga”

“This guy’s passion is so unreal. Even at almost 37 nothing seem to have changed.”

“Imagine winning everything in your career and still being more passionate for the game then the whole united squad”

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