Video: Cristiano Ronaldo 1 in a Million Heartbreaking Moments

Cristiano Ronaldo 1 in a Million Heartbreaking Moments.

“The greatest and the most humble player of all time. 🥺❤️”

“When you earn things on your own, eventually you became humble. CR7 Forever”

“This man never forgot where he came from humble beginnings 🙌”

“There is a video of him and a mate having a drink in a cafe on the street and so many people stopped and wanted pictures and he never once complained just smiled and obligingly posed or signed what they put in front of him, now that is a true legend.”

“He gives respect who deserves it. He does not give away undeserving respect for showing off!”

“Simple mente el mejor de todos los tiempos (o mis tiempos) admirable siempre. Algun dia en mi vejez seguire escuchando su nombre y yo le dire a los niños que tuve el honor de verlo jugar. Long live the king”

“Him recognizing his fans no matter what is one trait I love about him the most”

“I don’t watch futbol and I’ve never watched him play, but I love Cristiano Ronaldo just based on how he treats people and his character. That’s honestly what I know him for mostly aside from being a futbol player.”

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