Video: Cristiano Ronaldo With An Amazing Chest Pass In Greenwood Goal

That chest pass from Cristiano Ronaldo is stupendous.

“That chest pass by Ronaldo before Greenwood’s goal was absolutely perfect!”

“What a goal that is. Ronaldo chest pass to Bruno who squares it to Greenwood.”

“Wow that Ronaldo pass is genuinely insane. This man just played a inch perfect through ball with his CHEST”

“The Ronaldo Chest pass to Bruno is something Messi can never do. This is why Cristiano Ronaldo is the GOAT”

“Ronaldo with a chest pass, that man is simply the GOAT”

“That’s how to play and link with Ronaldo, the man is genius. That chest pass by Ronaldo to Bruno, my lawd, ball of the night. All magic, all class.”

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