Video: How The Whole World Admires Cristiano Ronaldo

How The Whole World Admires Cristiano Ronaldo.

“Football will never forget Ronaldo. An absolute legend on and off the pitch. Siuu”

“I have no words really
This man is just incredible
No club, no team, no coach or the fans can pay him for what he has done so far and brought into modern football.
This man is the real Goat of Football”

“Cr7 is the best player”


“The Greatest Of All Time 🐐”

“He the best πŸ™Œ but now he wants our support and we have to support him , how can someone hate this guy 😳”

“Guy who said they have to invent a dictionary with new words to describe Ronaldo is right. He has used ALL of them. Viva Ronaldo 🐐 πŸ‡΅πŸ‡Ή !!!”

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