Video: LEGENDARY REACTIONS to Cristiano Ronaldo Goals

LEGENDARY REACTIONS to Cristiano Ronaldo Goals.

“I can watch his goals again and again, he is incredible,he dies for his teams,always hungry for success. The best for me.”

“He did it all. In Manchester he played lw, w, mid, and entertained us like hell, made magical skills

In Real Madrid he became, rw, cf, f and St. And showed us how to change your capabilities in order to make team win.. And after 2014 tendinosis he fought back with his injury, his life and taught us that there should be no excuse in life to achieve success.

In juve he played mid and St.. Again made his positions change to help the team..

And most importantly in every team he went he supported, leaded, encouraged them

Yet people hate him, call him arrogant, selfish, and penaldo…

THE truth is he had all the odds in his life ( poverty, heart disease, 2014 injury, change in positions because of team requirement and couches, 2016 injury, many unusual allegations) haters didn’t even spared his character, his soul.. But he fought the battle of his life, and came out as true worrior, the conqueror, never complaint about his life, never gave excuses to avoid haters..

This is the mentallity which makes him GOAT and my idol.”

“CR7 has the best finishing repertoire I’ve seen in over 30 years watching football daily. He’s the dude who best knows the shortcuts to the goal. One of the greatest geniuses this sport has ever produced, a living legend! We are truly fortunate to see this sacred monster playing football week after week.”

“I remember he said in one interview that he would choose ucl trophies over the individual ones like ballon d’or ( he said that when he was in Manchester)..

That means that he wants to win major trophies with his teammates, he want to win with club, not just his own achievement that shows his dedication to team not just his personal.

And no wonder why he has most ucl trophies, most goals and most assist..His mentallity is out of this world. Mr Champions League”

“The best In The World He Is The GOAT.”

“”To far from ronaldo to think about,” ohh sensational. This reaction still best bruh.”

“Ronaldo’s winning mentality is the top class. He always wants to score, and he is full of determination, so he gives strength to his team members. That’s why there were many matches that earned both victory and record.

Not only that, but Ronaldo always encourages him to do better in the next match, both in winning and losing matches. That’s why I think Ronaldo has been the captain of the Portuguese national team for a long time.

It is time for Ronaldo to continue to perform his best in Manchester United and achieve his best results in the 2022 World Cup. If we score an unexpected goal in the 2022 World Cup final, it will remain a wonderful history and I think we will cheer more than ever.”

“I respect Messi I admire Messi but my heart and mind just believes Ronaldo is the best we’ve seen different versions of himself we’ve seen him do it in different leagues we’ve seen him do it for his country simply the King.”

“Idk about reaction but if u would have shown it after his bicycle kick everyone including the opposing fans clapped and cheered and all that so that would have been my fav reaction.”

“CR7 has one 2 or more titles in 3 countries, 5 Ballons D’or , 5 Champions – 3 straight, 2 International Major Tournaments for Portugal, UCL best scorer ever and will be the best scorer ever for national teams.”

“Cristiano Ronaldo es el mejor jugador del mundo mundial y de la historia del futbol y de todos los tiempos y el máximo goleador del mundo mundial y de la historia del futbol y de la selección, sin ninguna el mejor de todos y el que me lo niegue no sabe nada de fútbol.”

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