Video: Young Cristiano Ronaldo The Most Savage Plays

Young Cristiano Ronaldo The Most Savage Plays.

There are no young players nowadays that can produce such savage plays like Cristiano Ronaldo did while being 18-23 years of age.

“For me, it’s just insane how we can split his career in two and get two world class players out of both of them. This version of him is amazing yet so are his Real Madrid days. The GOAT for me, never in doubt.”

“Speed,dribbling,long range shot, What he did not had then, Absolutely a beast.

“There’s no comparison here . Everyone can see in this video what a player he was and even now with 37 years he stills at a top level. Just a phenomenon and probably the GOAT. Almost for 20 years top class. There was never anyone like him with the same longevity.”

“Impressive, extraordinary, stratospheric, colossal, magical. I would stay here for weeks attributing qualities to Cristiano Ronaldo, but it would still be insufficient. The dude is simply a sacred monster, a genius who transcends any attempt at explanation.”

“I just don’t know why some people say he can’t dribble he was an incredible dribbler with height 6’1 or even more why people forget his past and judge him on his current playing style even now he dribbles but yeah he is now more as a goalscorer which is not bad if u want to win match”

“Just when i’m starting to believe there are some better than him in this generation. Videos like this come into play and i’m in awe again. Built different.”

“That attempt vs Arsenal could have been one of the best goals ever scored by Ronaldo💯”

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