Ronaldo – “Georgina is the woman I am totally in love with”

In a Netflix documentary titled I Am Georgina, Portuguese football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo will discuss how he met and fell in love with former Gucci shop assistant Georgina Rodriguez.

Ronaldo will describe how he fell in love with Rodriguez in a split second.

The teaser for the reality-style documentary on Rodriguez, according to The Sun, was unveiled at a TV festival earlier this week.

The documentary’s premiere date has yet to be announced.

Rodriguez met Ronaldo while working at a Gucci store in Madrid, where she was paid about £10 per hour.

“It was a split-second moment,” Ronaldo says in the documentary.

Ronaldo - "Georgina is the woman I am totally in love with"

I never imagined falling in love with her would be so large, and I certainly didn’t expect it. Georgina is the woman with whom I am completely smitten.”

Meanwhile, Rodriguez reveals, “I am 27 years old, and my life has changed drastically in the last five years.” It was a summer Thursday that I met Cristiano as I was leaving the shop when a lovely man about two metres tall approached me….”

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