Video: The Day Portuguese Fans Will Never Forget

The Day Portuguese Fans Will Never Forget.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s dream was fulfilled on July 10th 2016 when he won his First International Trophy with portugal. Even though he watched the final from the bench as he got injured early in the game, the moment of glory for Portugal was written already, as they beat France 1-0 at extra time.

“Okay ronaldo moment was sad and eder’s goal was wonderful. But god damn rui patricio was fucking rock solid, the man was a literal wall. He deserves more credit for this performance.”

“The goal keeper (rui patricio) was the main reason that Portugal won this final.”

“The day Cristiano went full coach mode 🔥”

“As a Portuguese, remembering this game made me cry”

“I still remember the commentary, “The striker who rarely scores has scored the most important goal in Portugal history”.”

“I have never seen a goal keeper performance like this. Rui Patricio, wow!”

“it was the epic game with lot of suspension, and when ronaldo was injured he support his team like the coach, this was the best day for all the Portugal fans🇵🇹♥️♥️”

“Not a Portugese but this match shows lessons on leadership and playing with your hearts. Even am emotional watching this 5 years after – life may not be fair all times but when you see things like this you feel smetimes ppl do get what the deserve . Amazing CR7!”

“no matter if you love or hate Ronaldo – you gave to give him one: he truly loves this beautiful game and feels every single emotion you could feel”

“I’m from Brazil and I searched for this video to remember this glory day to Portugal. They deserved it. Here we have so much care and respect for you portuguese team! Congratulations!”


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