Video: 10 Hat-Tricks By Cristiano Ronaldo That Shocked The Whole World

10 Hat-Tricks By Cristiano Ronaldo That Shocked The Whole World.

“Love him or hate him, but he’s dominated football for the last 12 years.”

“Terrific player, unstoppable in big nights.”

‘“Your love makes me strong. Your hate makes me unstoppable.” – Cristiano Ronaldo’

“The hattrick against atletico Madrid was the best revenge moment for cr7.”

“He is making hattricks look easy. For any other player it would be a career highlight.”

“The hat-trick against Sweden is a pure clue for Ibra’s hate towards him”

“He always steps up in an Important Game. When his team needs the most, he gets the Job Done.
One of the Greatest Ever to Grace the Game.”

“You can deny he’s the best player ever, but you cannot deny he’s the best striker in the history of this beatiful sport”

“I miss Marcelo – Ronaldo celebration whenever they combine for a goal. We may never see that again.”

“I’m proud to live the Ronaldo Era and could be able to tell the generation that comes about the legend CR7. This guy’s a World-talent like never seen before”

“Scoring goals randomly is easy,but when it is expected and the pressure is on,it is very tough,many great players would melt down.
If someone remember…he had told reporters and fans to be ready for a magical night before the Wolfsburg return leg. And then,he said similar thing again this time before the Atletico return leg,to be ready for comeback. That mentality and confidence is key. Otherwise in my opinion,he is way past his peak (overall,now he has changed his game so) but extraordinary thing is that he is still there at the top,especially when it matters the most. He plays casually it seems,in normal games,saving the best for crucial times. Biggest example was that free kick against Spain,he was off target in set pieces for a while then,but then the moment of need came and he hit an almost perfect free kick,leaving one of the best goal keeper rooted to his place.”


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