Video: Cristiano Ronaldo – All Record 140 Champions League Goals

Cristiano Ronaldo – All Record 140 Champions League Goals.

“Even the official Uefa Champion’s league social media account calls him Mr Champion’s League. My GOAT 🐐”

“Once he was many goals behind Messi in the Champions League. But how CR7 overtook him is absolutely poetic.

Never stops, never satisfies, he is still going at full swing.
GOAT 💯/💯”

“I’m getting goosebumps watching every single goal.”

“His every goal gave us an emotion throughout his career. Thank you for everything King ❤️👑🔥”

‘”You cannot stop this man in this competition” This commentry still gives me goosebumps’

“There was a time Messi was actually ahead – think about that for a minute. To go so far ahead is unbelievable.”

“He has more champions league goals than Sevilla and Napoli.”

“This man went from washing streets on a small island to becoming One of the( If not the best) athlete of all time. This is What Hardwork and determination is capable of!”

“All 140 Goals:
Real Madrid-105 Goals
Manchester United-21 Goals
Juventus-14 Goals
(To be Continued)”


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